L-6, r. 3 - Rules respecting video lottery machines

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37. The holder of a manufacturer’s licence must, continually, keep the following registers:
(1)  a register of the machines he manufactures or assembles within Québec, indicating the type of machine, its serial number and the date of its sale, its lease or any other forms of alienation;
(2)  a register of sales, leases or other alienation of the machines which he manufactures or assembles and which are intended for Québec, indicating the type of machine, its serial number, the date of its disposition and the name and address of the buyer, lessor or any other possessor.
The registers must be kept in permanence on the operating sites of his licence and must be kept at the disposal of the persons mentioned in section 68 of the Act respecting lotteries, publicity contests and amusement machines (chapter L-6).
O.C. 1254-93, s. 37.