L-6, r. 3 - Rules respecting video lottery machines

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29.1. (Revoked).
O.C. 322-2008, s. 1; S.Q. 2016, c. 7, s. 63.
29.1. Despite any provision in these Rules to the contrary, a holder of a site operator’s licence who, on 8 May 2008, operates video lottery machines under more than 1 licence at the same address may continue to operate the machines by grouping them in a single establishment covered by such a licence, provided that the capacity indicated on the bar, brasserie or tavern permit to which the licence is associated is at least 30 if the grouping consists of more than 5 machines.
A grouping under the first paragraph may consist of not more than 10 video lottery machines.
O.C. 322-2008, s. 1.