H-4.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issue of a permit by the Chambre des huissiers de justice du Québec

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1. The board of directors of the Chambre des huissiers de justice du Québec shall issue a permit to practise the profession of court bailiff to a person who meets the following requirements:
(1)  subject to section 20, he is the holder of a diploma that gives access to the permit issued by the Chambre and recognized by the Government under the first paragraph of section 184 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) or an equivalent to that diploma recognized by the board of directors or has received an equivalent training recognized by the board of directors;
(2)  he has taken the training course in accordance with Division II;
(3)  he has passed the professional examination in accordance with Division III;
(4)  he has successfully completed the professional training period in accordance with Division IV;
(5)  he has completed an application for a permit and paid the fees fixed for the granting of a permit determined under paragraph 8 of section 86.0.1 of the Code;
(6)  he has authorized the board of directors to inquire about his integrity and financial situation.
O.C. 449-99, s. 1.