G-1.01, r. 3.002 - Regulation respecting the compensation fund of the Ordre des géologues du Québec

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2. The fund is a minimum amount of $100,000, less administrative costs, and consists of
(1)  sums already allocated for compensation on 31 May 2012;
(2)  sums allocated to the fund by the board of directors;
(3)  assessments fixed for that purpose;
(4)  funds or property recovered from geologists under a subrogation or section 159 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26);
(5)  interest and other income generated by the sums and property making up the fund;
(6)  amounts paid by an insurer under an insurance or reinsurance contract entered into with the Order; and
(7)  sums received by the Order and intended for the fund.
O.C. 434-2012, s. 2.