D-2, r. 4 - Decree respecting hairdressers in the Outaouais region

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8.04. Wages due to the employee must be paid to him at regular intervals not to exceed 16 days. The employee shall receive with his pay an earning statement signed by the employer and including the following particulars:
(1)  the employer’s name;
(2)  the employee’s name;
(3)  the identification of the employee’s occupation;
(4)  the date of the payment and the work period corresponding to the payment;
(5)  the number of hours paid at the prevailing rate;
(6)  the number of hours of overtime paid or replaced by a leave with the applicable premium;
(7)  the nature and amount of the premiums, indemnities, allowances or commissions that are being paid;
(8)  the wage rate;
(9)  the amount of wages before deductions;
(10)  the nature and amount of the deductions effected;
(11)  the amount of the net wages paid to the employee.
O.C. 1701-85, s. 9; O.C. 1378-99, s. 6.