D-2, r. 4 - Decree respecting hairdressers in the Outaouais region

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11.01. Any person who wishes to exercise the profession governed by this Decree or to operate a hairdressing salon to perform 1 or more of the operations covered by the professional jurisdiction of this Decree, shall forward in writing to the parity committee his name and address, the name under which he exercises his profession or operates a hairdressing salon, his marital status and notify the Committee of any subsequent change in his name or address and, if he does not operate alone a hairdressing salon, the name and address of his associates.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. D-2, r. 15, s. 11.01; O.C. 1947-82, s. 14; O.C. 1701-85, s. 12.