D-2, r. 4 - Decree respecting hairdressers in the Outaouais region

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0.02. Definitions: In this Decree, unless otherwise indicated by the context, the following words and expressions mean:
“assistant-hairdresser”: any person who assists a hairdresser and who carries out, on the head of another person, partially or entirely, 1 or more hairdressing operations;
“hairdresser”: any person who carries out, on the head of another person, 1 or more of the following operations: dyeing, haircut, colour stripping, bleaching, mordanting, finger wave, permanent wave and shampoo, as well as scalp treatment;
“spouse” means either of 2 persons who:
(a)  are married or in a civil union and cohabiting;
(b)  being of opposite sex or the same sex, are living together in a de facto union and are the father and mother of the same child;
(c)  are of opposite sex or the same sex and have been living together in a de facto union for 1 year or more;
“hairdressing school”: any institution where, under an Act, the theory and practice of hairdressing are taught in accordance with the official program of studies provided for this profession by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport;
“hairdressing salon”: any place or establishment used for performing one or more of the operations covered by the professional jurisdiction of this Decree, excluding hairdressing schools;
“uninterrupted service”: the uninterrupted period during which the employee is bound to the employer by a contract of employment, even if the performance of work has been interrupted without cancellation of the contract, and the period during which fixed-term contracts succeed one another without an interruption that would, in the circumstances, give cause to conclude that the contract was not renewed.
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