D-2, r. 2 - Decree respecting the cartage industry in the Montréal region

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3.07. Except for a fortuitous event that prevents the work, an employee is entitled to a minimum indemnity of 4 consecutive hours of pay at his minimum hourly rate for each day that he reports to work, unless the employer or his representative gives him a previous notice not to report to work.
However, the employee shall be paid only for hours worked when he quits his work of his own will. In this last case, the employer shall mention this fact on the employee’s punch card. To complete the minimum wage base of 4 consecutive hours of pay, the employer may have the employee perform any work covered by the Decree.
When there is a snowstorm or weather forecast to this effect, the employee shall call his employer before reporting to work to check whether or not he must report to work. If not, or when there is no one to answer calls, he is not entitled to wages.
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