D-2, r. 2 - Decree respecting the cartage industry in the Montréal region

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2.02. Industrial: This Decree governs:
(1)  transportation by motor vehicle for a third party and for payment, including the loading and unloading of the vehicle;
(2)  a related transportation operation or an operation which completes a transportation service when this operation is done by an employee whose function is provided for in section 1.01;
(3)  transportation with rented trucks of 1,000 kg or more, except if the total duration of the renting represents a period of 30 days or less during a calendar year;
(4)  transportation by an employee whose services are hired by a firm, to the owner, renter or lessor of the motor vehicle driven by him.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. D-2, r. 6, s. 2.02; O.C. 2639-83, s. 2; O.C. 2646-84, s. 2.