D-2, r. 15 - Decree respecting building service employees in the Montréal region

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3.01. The standard workweek is 40 hours.
An employer may schedule the working hours of his employees on a basis other than a weekly basis, where he meets the following conditions:
(1)  the purpose of the schedule is not to avoid the payment of overtime hours;
(2)  he has obtained the agreement of the employee concerned;
(3)  the schedule grants the employee another type of benefit to compensate for the loss of payment of overtime hours;
(4)  the average number of hours worked is equivalent to the number of hours of the standard workweek;
(5)  working hours are scheduled over a maximum period of 4 weeks;
(6)  the duration of the schedule does not exceed 1 year;
(7)  he has forwarded a written notice to the Parity Committee at least 15 days previous to the application of the schedule.
A scheduled period may be changed or renewed by the employer on its expiry on the same conditions as those provided for in the second paragraph.
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