D-2, r. 15 - Decree respecting building service employees in the Montréal region

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13.04. In the case of an employee who, under a collective agreement, is entitled to recall privileges for more than 6 months, the employer is bound to pay the compensatory indemnity only from the first of the following dates:
(1)  the expiry of the recall privileges of the employee;
(2)  1 year after layoff.
The employee referred to in the first paragraph shall not be entitled to the compensatory indemnity:
(1)  if he is recalled before the date on which his employer is bound to pay the indemnity and if subsequently he works for a period equal to or longer than that of the notice prescribed in section 13.01;
(2)  if he is not recalled owing to a fortuitous event.
O.C. 262-94, s. 19.