D-2, r. 15 - Decree respecting building service employees in the Montréal region

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10.03. No signing formality other than that establishing that the sum remitted to the employee corresponds to the net wages indicated on the employee’s pay slip may be required upon payment of the wages.
Acceptance of a pay slip by an employee does not entail renunciation of the payment of all or part of the wages that are due to the employee.
An employer may make deductions from wages only when compelled by law, regulation, court order or collective agreement, or under the Decree or a compulsory supplemental pension plan, or where authorized in a writing by the employee for a specific purpose mentioned in the writing.
The employee may cancel such authorization at any time, except when it concerns membership in a group insurance plan or in a supplemental pension plan. The employer remits the sums so withheld to their intended recipient.
O.C. 262-94, s. 17; O.C. 1097-2011, s. 15.