D-2, r. 13 - Decree respecting the building materials industry

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21.01. (1)  An employee is entitled each year to an annual vacation of 4 weeks, which may be divided into 2 periods. The portion of the vacation taken during the summer period shall be taken during June, July and August. The portion of the vacation taken during the winter period shall be taken during December and January.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the annual vacation may be taken, with the employer’s consent, at another time.
The employee is entitled to know the date of his annual vacation at least 8 weeks in advance.
(2)  When urgent work must be performed during annual vacation periods, the employer may call back to carry out such work an employee who agrees to do so. The employee shall be paid his effective hourly wage rate increased by 100%. The employer shall notify the Building Materials Joint Committee within reasonable time.
(3)  (paragraph revoked).
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