C-48.1, r. 26 - Regulation respecting the public accountancy permit of the Ordre des comptables généraux accrédités du Québec

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8. Once the training period has been completed, the secretary shall forward the evaluation questionnaires completed by the member and the reports from the training supervisor to the committee set up by the board of directors, the members of which shall not be members of the board of directors. The committee shall examine these documents and make its recommendations to the board of directors.
At the first meeting following the date of receipt of the recommendation of this committee, the board of directors shall decide whether or not a member has met the requirements of the training period. Where a member has not met the training requirements, the board of directors shall specify the items to be completed and the process by which they may be met, in order to satisfy the requirements of the training period. The secretary shall notify the member in writing of this decision within the 15 days following the date upon which such decision was rendered.
O.C. 1199-2009, s. 8.