C-26, r. 58 - Regulation respecting continuing education for certified general accountants holding a public accountancy permit

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4. The Order shall establish the program of continuing education activities to be followed by the member holding a public accountancy permit. The Order shall:
(1)  set the start and end date of the reference period contemplated in the first paragraph of section 1;
(2)  determine which continuing education activities shall be provided as part of the program in the sectors referred to in the first paragraph of section 1 and the persons, organizations or educational institutions that may organize or offer them;
(3)  determine, as appropriate, the activities it will impose under the fourth paragraph of section 1;
(4)  establish, where appropriate, criteria for calculating the eligible duration of these activities for the computation of the number of hours required under section 1, where that number differs from the actual duration of the activity.
When determining the activities that are included in the program and, where appropriate, establishing the criteria for calculating the eligible duration of an activity, the Order shall take into consideration the following criteria:
(1)  the relevance of the training activity;
(2)  the competence and qualifications of the instructor in relation to the subject matter;
(3)  the fact that the training activity meets a need;
(4)  compliance with the continuing education objectives set out in section 3;
(5)  the fact that the training activity objectives are verifiable and set out in a clear and concise manner;
(6)  the framework within which the training activities are provided;
(7)  if applicable, the quality of the materials provided;
(8)  the existence of a certificate of attendance or of an evaluation;
(9)  the fact that the continuing education activity has been developed, supervised or provided by the Order, an instructor or a team of competent instructors recognized by the board of directors.
O.C. 1198-2009, s. 4.