C-26, r. 58 - Regulation respecting continuing education for certified general accountants holding a public accountancy permit

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1. A member of the Ordre des comptables généraux accrédités du Québec holding a public accountancy permit shall, unless exempt pursuant to Division IV, accumulate at least 60 hours of continuing education activities per 3-year reference period, with a minimum of 20 hours in each reference year. The 60 hours shall relate to the audit engagement, the review engagement and other activities related to public accountancy.
The member shall choose the continuing education activities that are best suited to his needs. He shall choose continuing education activities among those provided for in the program developed by the Order in accordance with section 4.
Continuing education activities shall include:
(1)  continuing education courses organized or offered either by the Order or by a person or organization recognized by the board of directors;
(2)  courses offered by educational institutions or by other professional orders;
(3)  symposiums, seminars or conferences of a technical or educational nature;
(4)  participation in courses or structured training activities offered in the workplace;
(5)  participation in various structured training sessions, particularly seminars or case studies;
(6)  participation in distance learning activities;
(7)  acting as a lecturer, instructor or preparer for activities contemplated in subparagraphs 1 to 6;
(8)  participation in research projects;
(9)  authorship of specialized published articles.
However, as part of the 60 hours to be accumulated in a given reference period, the board of directors may impose on a member holding a public accountancy permit a specific continuing education activity listed among the activities provided for in the program contemplated in section 4.
O.C. 1198-2009, s. 1.