C-26, r. 53 - Regulation respecting the records of a certified general accountant who ceases to practise

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1.01. In this Regulation, unless the context indicates otherwise,
(a)  “Order” means the Ordre professionnel des comptables généraux accrédités du Québec;
(b)  “secretary” means the secretary of the Order;
(c)  “records” means the records, books and registers that a member must keep in the practice of his profession;
(d)  “transferee” means the member to whom are transferred the records of a member upon a permanent cessation of practice;
(e)  “provisional custodian” means the professional to whom are entrusted the records of a member during a temporary cessation of practice.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-26, r. 32, s. 1.01.