C-26, r. 41 - Regulation respecting the conciliation and arbitration procedure for the accounts of certified management accountants

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7. Where conciliation does not lead to an agreement within 45 days from the date of receipt of the application for conciliation, the syndic shall send his conciliation report to the parties by registered mail.
The syndic shall provide the following information in his report, where applicable:
(1)  the amount of the account in dispute;
(2)  the amount that the client acknowledges owing;
(3)  the amount that the member acknowledges having to reimburse or is willing to accept as a settlement of the dispute;
(4)  the amount suggested by the syndic during conciliation as a payment to the member or as a reimbursement to the client.
The syndic shall also send the client the form in Schedule I and shall indicate to him the procedure and deadline for submitting the dispute to arbitration.
O.C. 106-96, s. 7.