C-26, r. 178 - Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than speech therapists and audiologists

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3. The student referred to in section 1 or the applicant referred to in section 2 may engage in the professional activities that the student or applicant is allowed to engage in on the condition that
(1)  the student or applicant is listed in the Order’s register; and
(2)  the student or applicant engages in the activities under the supervision of a speech therapist or an audiologist in compliance with the rules applicable to members of the Order, in particular those relating to the code of ethics, records and offices, and the rules of practice of the profession of speech therapist or audiologist, including the Normes relatives à la compétence clinique de l’orthophoniste et de l’audiologiste adopted by the board of directors of the Order on 3 February 1995, with any subssequent amendments.
The speech therapist or audiologist referred to in subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph is registered on a list established by the Order of members who
(1)  have been practising for at least 2 years in the case of the supervision of a student referred to in section 1 and for at least 5 years in the case of the supervision of an applicant referred to in section 2;
(2)  have not been the subject of any penalty imposed by the disciplinary council of the Order or by the Professions Tribunal; and
(3)  have not been required to serve a refresher training period in accordance with the Regulation respecting refresher training periods for speech therapists and audiologists (chapter C-26, r. 191) and whose right to practise has not been limited or suspended within the last 5 years.
O.C. 632-2007, s. 3.