C-26, r. 164.1 - Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than respiratory therapists

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6. To engage in the activities set out in section 5, a respiratory therapy extern must meet the following conditions:
(1)  provide the Order with an attestation, issued by an educational institution, that he or she is a respiratory therapy extern;
(2)  provide the Order with an attestation issued by an institution referred to in section 5, that it retained the respiratory therapy extern’s services;
(3)  have successfully completed an integration program lasting at least 15 days that allows the respiratory therapy extern to become familiar with the policies and directives of the institution referred to in section 5 and to perfect the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the activities set out in that section;
(4)  be entered in the register of respiratory therapy externs held by the Order;
(5)  engage in those activities, according to an individual prescription, under the supervision of a respiratory therapist who is present in the centre in order to intervene rapidly and with a patient whose state of health is not in a critical phase or does not require frequent adjustments.
Despite the foregoing, a respiratory therapy extern may not engage in those activities in the following places and sectors of activity: intensive care, the coronary care unit, the operating suite, the recovery room, an emergency service or department, neonatology and the cardiopulmonary function testing department.
O.C. 1128-2012, s. 6.