C-25.01, r. 0.5 - Regulation respecting indemnities and allowances payable to witnesses summoned before courts of justice

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9. To the extent prescribed by this Regulation, the Ministère de la Justice shall pay the indemnities and allowances to witnesses summoned by the prosecutor:
(a)  for a pre-inquiry or a preliminary inquiry held at the instance of the Attorney General of Québec or for the hearing of a criminal prosecution or a federal penal prosecution brought by the Attorney General of Québec;
(b)  for the hearing of a prosecution brought under the Code of Penal Procedure (chapter C-25.1) by the Attorney General of Québec.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-25, r. 2, s. 9; O.C. 1289-97, s. 6.