C-19, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the awarding of contracts for certain professional services

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3. (Revoked).
O.C. 646-2002, s. 3; S.Q. 2012, c 11, s. 33; S.Q. 2018, c. 8S.Q. 2018, c. 8, s. 256.
3. A contract for services that can be provided only by an architect, engineer, land surveyor or chartered professional accountant under an Act or regulation, may only be awarded after a call for public tenders published in the electronic tendering system approved by the Government and available to suppliers that have an establishment in Québec, if the contract involves an expenditure of $100,000 or more, except if it is required for the purposes of a judicial proceeding, or a body or a person carrying out judicial or adjudicative functions.
O.C. 646-2002, s. 3; S.Q. 2012, c 11, s. 33.