C-19, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the awarding of contracts for certain professional services

Full text
23. (Revoked).
O.C. 646-2002, s. 23; S.Q. 2018, c. 8S.Q. 2018, c. 8, s. 256.
23. Within 15 days of awarding the contract, the municipal body shall publish in a newspaper circulating in the specified territory, a notice that contains the following information, namely:
(1)  the name of all the selected suppliers invited to tender for that contract;
(2)  the name of the supplier who was awarded the contract; and
(3)  the amount and object of the contract.
The municipal body may, instead of publishing the notice provided for in the first paragraph, either send the notice simultaneously to all the suppliers registered or post the information it contains on its Internet site.
O.C. 646-2002, s. 23.