C-16, r. 8.1 - Regulation respecting the practice of the profession of chiropractor within a partnership or a joint-stock company

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5. If two or more chiropractors carry on professional activities within the same partnership or joint-stock company, a representative must be designated to act in their place and stead for the purposes of the conditions set out in sections 3 and 10.
The representative must be a chiropractor who is either a partner, or a director or shareholder with voting rights of the partnership or joint-stock company.
The representative is also appointed to reply to requests made by the syndic, an inspector, an investigator or any other representative of the Order and to submit, where applicable, the documents that the chiropractors are required to submit.
Except for the information referred to in paragraph 3 of section 4, the representative must ensure the accuracy of the information given in the declaration.
O.C. 162-2013, s. 5.