C-16, r. 8.1 - Regulation respecting the practice of the profession of chiropractor within a partnership or a joint-stock company

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2. Chiropractors are authorized to carry on professional activities within a limited liability partnership or joint-stock company if
(1)  more than 50% of the voting rights attached to the shares or units of the partnership or joint-stock company are held
(a)  by at least one chiropractor;
(b)  by a legal person or trust whose voting rights attached to the shares or units are held exclusively by one or more chiropractors; or
(c)  by a combination of persons referred to in subparagraphs a and b;
(2)  a majority of the directors of the joint-stock company, or the partners or, where applicable, the managers appointed by the partners to manage the affairs of the limited liability partnership, are chiropractors; and
(3)  the board of directors of the joint-stock company or, as the case may be, the internal management board of the partnership is comprised of a majority of chiropractors, who constitute the majority of the quorum of such boards at all times.
Chiropractors must ensure that the conditions listed in the first paragraph appear in the articles of the joint-stock company or in the contract of the limited liability partnership and that the documents provide that the partnership or joint-stock company is constituted for the purpose of carrying on professional activities.
O.C. 162-2013, s. 2.