C-16, r. 5 - Code of ethics of chiropractors

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4.02.01. In addition to the derogatory acts referred to in sections 57 and 58 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26), the following are derogatory to the dignity of the profession:
(a)  pressing or repeated inducement to resort to his own professional services;
(b)  direct or indirect interference with the liberty of the patient to select his chiropractor;
(c)  administering treatment which is not required from a chiropractic point of view;
(d)  not administering all the treatment in his power and indicated under the circumstances, in accordance with the highest possible standards of present chiropractic practice;
(e)  using diagnostic means whose scientific value is not recognized;
(f)  consulting, collaborating or agreeing, in the treatment of a patient, with a person who does not have the appropriate scientific knowledge in the field in which he practises;
(g)  conducting himself, in the practice of his profession, in a reproachful manner towards his patient either on the physical level or on the psychological level;
(h)  obtaining or causing to be obtained for a patient an unjustifiable material benefit, in particular by falsifying a declaration, report or any document respecting the health of a patient or the care administered to the latter;
(i)  granting any kind of rebate to a patient;
(j)  guaranteeing, directly or indirectly, expressly or implicitly, the curing of an illness;
(k)  not notifying the Order that he has reason to believe that a candidate for the practice of chiropractor is unsuited to the practice of the profession or that a chiropractor does not abide by the code of ethics of a chiropractor;
(l)  carrying out a chiropractic act without first having made a basic examination consisting, in particular, of the following items:
i.  the appropriate history of the case;
ii.  sufficient research of any subjacent pathology and anomaly by the diagnostic methods indicated and in compliance with standards of actual practice;
iii.  an unequivocal indication of an appropriate chiropractic therapy.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-16, r. 2, s. 4.02.01.