C-16, r. 5 - Code of ethics of chiropractors

Full text A chiropractor who communicates information pursuant to section must do so without delay.
For each communication, the chiropractor must also enter the following particulars in the patient’s record:
(1)  the date and time of the communication;
(2)  the name of the person or group of persons exposed to the danger;
(3)  the name of the person to whom the communication was given, specifying, as the case may be, if it was given to the person exposed to the danger, the person’s representative or the persons who can come to that person’s aid;
(4)  the act of violence the chiropractor intended to prevent;
(5)  the danger the chiropractor identified;
(6)  the imminence of the danger the chiropractor identified; and
(7)  the information communicated.
O.C. 1279-2005, s. 1.