B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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8.18. Petroleum equipment must
(1)  be installed in such a way as to safely contain the petroleum products to be handled and to resist wear, normal handling, fire and shocks;
(2)  be sufficiently leakproof to prevent the risk of explosion, fire, spillage or any other accident of that nature when used during construction work;
(3)  be installed in such a way as to prevent anyone not authorized by the person responsible for the equipment from gaining access to the equipment and be protected from coming into contact with any object that could cause an accident;
(4)  be installed and have the necessary protection devices to ensure the safety of the persons who have access to the equipment or who are supplied from it;
(5)  be designed, erected, installed or placed so that maintenance, repair or demolition work may be carried out; and
(6)  be designed for the use for which it is intended and to resist to the conditions of use to which it is submitted.
O.C. 220-2007, s. 1.