B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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8.139. Aboveground tanks that are to store motor fuel may be installed only for the supply of
(1)  a vehicle in a designated location that is not within the limits of a municipality;
(2)  an all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile or any other vehicle of the same kind;
(3)  a vehicle in a user outlet;
(4)  an aircraft or a water craft; or
(5)  a vehicle in a territory north of the 50th parallel of north latitude and east of the 63rd meridian, or north of the 53rd parallel of north latitude.
An outside aboveground tank in a motor fuel dispensing outlet must have a capacity of not more than 50,000 litres and the aggregate capacity of all tanks in the outlet may not exceed 150,000 litres.
O.C. 220-2007, s. 1.