B-1, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the standards for equivalence of diplomas and training of the Barreau du Québec

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24. Any candidate in either of the following situations may apply to the committee for a new decision based on the provisions of this Regulation:
(1)  he was granted, before 4 July 1996, a training equivalence and he has not begun or completed his professional training; or
(2)  he has not completed the program of legal studies prescribed by a decision of the General Council rendered before 4 July 1996, under paragraph 2 of section 6 of the Regulation respecting training equivalence standards for the issuance of a permit by the Barreau du Québec (O.C. 140-83, 83-01-26).
O.C. 670-96, s. 24.