B-1, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the standards for equivalence of diplomas and training of the Barreau du Québec

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13. A candidate who wishes to be exempted from the terms and conditions prescribed in the By-law respecting the professional training of advocates (chapter B-1, r. 14) shall apply therefor to the secretary of the committee and shall provide him with a certificate signed by an officer and establishing
(1)  that he is member of the bar of a State or of another province or territory of Canada; and
(2)  that advocates of Québec benefit from a similar exemption in that State or in that province or territory of Canada, or else that they do not have to complete a professional training program in that place.
The committee’s decision to grant the exemption from professional training shall be sent in writing to the candidate within 15 days following acceptance of the certificate by the committee.
O.C. 670-96, s. 13.