B-1, r. 14 - By-law respecting the professional training of advocates

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27. In particular, the articling supervisor shall:
(1)  provide the articled student with a work place conducive to learning and developing skills;
(2)  facilitate the integration of the articled student in the work place;
(3)  inform the articled student about the functioning of the work place and the available resources;
(4)  determine the articled student’s tasks, specifying how the work is to be performed and the deadlines that are to be met;
(5)  help the articled student organize his work and introduce to him the concept of office management;
(6)  allow the articled student to gradually engage in professional activities reserved for advocates;
(7)  promptly assess the tasks performed by the articled student;
(8)  provide the Professional Training Committee with all the information required by it;
(9)  contribute to evaluating the articled student’s achievement of the objectives of the articling period; and
(10)  file with the Professional Training Committee, at the moments indicated by it, a report on the evaluation of the articled student.
O.C. 199-2005, s. 27.