V-1 - Securities Act

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125. Upon the application of a corporation, the Commission may, where in its opinion such application is not contrary to the public interest, make an order on such terms and conditions as it may impose exempting, in whole or in part, the corporation from any requirement of sections 115 to 128, including, among other cases, that where a requirement conflicts with a requirement of the laws of the jurisdiction in which a corporation is incorporated or where the laws of the jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject contain requirements substantially similar to those contained in such sections.
A corporation that is subject to sections 113 to 130 by virtue only of subparagraph i of paragraph a of section 113 ceases to be subject thereto if the corporation does not have owners of its securities whose latest address as shown on the books of the corporation is in Québec.
1973, c. 67, s. 26.