V-1 - Securities Act

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110. (1)  No person or company may operate a stock exchange in Québec unless such stock exchange is recognized as such in writing by the Commission.
(2)  The Commission may, when it is of opinion that the public interest so requires, take any decision, make any order, or give instructions or directions:
(a)  respecting the manner of operating a stock exchange in Québec;
(b)  respecting any regulation, direction, instruction or order of such stock exchange;
(c)  respecting dealing on the floor or by means of other devices of such stock exchange or respecting any security quoted or agreed to be quoted on such stock exchange;
(d)  to ascertain that the companies the securities of which are quoted or agreed to be quoted on such stock exchange comply with this act and the regulations;
(e)  respecting the reports and information to be obtained from any stock exchange, its members or the firms or companies represented on such stock exchange.
(3)  Any person or company believing himself or itself wronged by any regulation, direction, instruction, order or decision of a stock exchange or on account of undue delay to reach a decision or make an order or direction on a question referred to the stock exchange, may apply to the Commission and ask that it revise such direction, order or decision or, as the case may be, that it make the direction, order or decision that such stock exchange fails or refuses to make.
After the hearing, the Commission may, by decision, confirm the direction, order or decision in question or make any other direction or order or take any decision that it deems proper.
Should the stock exchange refuse or neglect to comply, the Commission may, after a hearing, make the direction or order or take the decision which, in its opinion, the stock exchange should have made, or not act if it sees fit.
(4)  Every stock exchange and every association of brokers established in Québec shall deliver to the Commission between the fifteenth of March and the fifteenth of April each year, as regards a stock exchange, a list of its members and the companies or firms represented there and, as regards an association of brokers, a list of the persons and companies who are members thereof.
Every stock exchange and association of brokers shall thereafter inform the Commission of any changes in the composition of such lists as they occur.
(5)  Any infringement of a provision of this section shall be an offence.
R. S. 1964, c. 274, s. 92; 1971, c. 77, s. 21.