V-1 - Securities Act

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101. The Government may, by regulation:
(a)  designate as securities any certificates, instruments or documents usually recognized as such in trading or that it considers appropriate to recognize as such;
(b)  assign to the Director or any other officer it designates, in addition to the keeping of the registers for registration, the custody of the records and files of the Commission and the documents filed with it or with the Director and assign to him any other duties that it considers expedient;
(c)  qualify as trading in securities any act, transaction, advertisement, conduct or negotiation other than a preliminary negotiation for the purpose or having the effect of carrying out directly or indirectly one of the operations contemplated in subparagraphs a and b of section 22 or other operations that it specifically designates;
(d)  remove from the application of section 24 trading in any class of securities, or sales or transactions expressly designated;
(e)  consider as not investment counsels within this act certain persons or companies specifically designated;
(f)  fix the conditions any applicant must fulfill to obtain registration;
(g)  prescribe the fees that may be required in the application of this act and the regulations;
(h)  qualify as a fraudulent act any act or omission relating to trading in securities;
(i)  determine the form and content of any prospectus required under section 70;
(j)  remove any class of securities or any class of persons or companies from the application of sections 113 to 179;
(k)  prescribe the form and content of the financial statements to be filed with the Commission under this act;
(l)  regulate the quoting of stocks and the trading of securities as well as the form and content of the registers pertaining to them;
(m)  establish rules respecting the furnishing, by a registered person or company, of information concerning securities or trading in securities;
(n)  regulate trading in securities otherwise than through a stock exchange recognized by the Commission;
(o)  regulate the keeping and auditing of the books of account and registers to be kept by security issuers;
(p)  prescribe the documents, certificates, reports, statements, contracts and information to be filed, furnished or sent for the purposes of this act, as well as their form and content and the qualifications of the persons preparing them;
(q)  prescribe the forms to be used for the purposes of this act and the regulations;
(r)  make any other provision considered necessary or desirable for the application of this act.
Any violation of a provision of such regulations the Government qualifies as such shall be an offence.
These regulations and amendments to them shall have force of law while not repealed as if they are part of this act from the date of their publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec unless the Government fixes a later date for such purpose.
R. S. 1964, c. 274, s. 83; 1971, c. 77, s. 17; 1973, c. 67, s. 25.