V-1.1 - Securities Act

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186.2.1. A benchmark administrator subject to this Act must comply with the requirements set by regulation, including requirements relating to
(1)  governance, internal controls and conflict of interest management;
(2)  the establishment, publication and enforcement of a code of conduct for contributors as well as the minimum requirements of such a code;
(3)  the integrity and reliability of the designated benchmarks that the administrator administers;
(4)  any restriction or prohibition relating to the provision and administration of a designated benchmark;
(5)  the keeping of the books and registers necessary for the conduct of its business;
(6)  the disclosure of information to the Authority, the public or the users of a designated benchmark that the administrator administers;
(7)  the methods used to establish the designated benchmarks that the administrator administers; and
(8)  the control framework for its activities, in particular operational risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery.
2018, c. 23, s. 688.