V-1.1 - Securities Act

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115. A person that, by directly or indirectly acquiring ownership of, or control over, the securities of a class or type prescribed by regulation of a reporting issuer, comes to hold, with another person acting in concert, the percentage prescribed by regulation of outstanding securities of that class or type shall, with that other person, make and file disclosure in accordance with the conditions determined by regulation and comply with any prohibitions determined by regulation on transactions in securities of the reporting issuer.
1982, c. 48, s. 115; 1984, c. 41, s. 40; 2006, c. 50, s. 41.
115. Non-voting shares that carry an unlimited right to participate in earnings and in the assets upon winding-up, must, in the same circumstances as voting shares, be the subject of a take-over bid if the securities are traded on an organized market.
1982, c. 48, s. 115; 1984, c. 41, s. 40.
115. Where two or more persons make one or more offers jointly or in concert, or intend to exercise jointly or in concert any voting rights attaching to the security subject to such an offer, each of them is deemed to hold the percentage of the securities held by them in aggregate.
If a take-over bid is made by two or more such persons, each is deemed to be an offeror.
1982, c. 48, s. 115.