V-1.1 - Securities Act

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112. A person making a take-over bid or issuer bid, alone or with other persons acting in concert, shall conduct the bid in accordance with the conditions determined by regulation.
1982, c. 48, s. 112; 1984, c. 41, s. 40; 2006, c. 50, s. 41.
112. In calculating a person’s interest, any security or right permitting the person to acquire a security of a particular class within 60 days by a single transaction or a series of linked transactions is also deemed to be a security of the particular class.
Securities and rights described in the first paragraph are added to the securities of the person and to the securities of the particular class.
1982, c. 48, s. 112; 1984, c. 41, s. 40.
112. A take-over bid is subject to this title if it is made to at least one security holder whose address is in Québec according to the records of the offeree issuer.
1982, c. 48, s. 112.