T-9 - Lands and Forests Act

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15. (Replaced).
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 19; 1987, c. 23, s. 73.
15. Any claim to land arising under any act or under any order-in-council or other Government regulation shall be determined by the Minister, subject to such arrangement and order, in respect to improvements on any particular lands, as the Minister may think just; or the same may be satisfied by issuing, to the party thereto entitled, land-scrip, redeemable in Crown lands, to such an amount as the Minister may deem just.
No claim for land arising from militia, military or United Empire Loyalists’ rights shall be entertained unless the same was actually located or admitted, or proof sufficient, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Crown Lands, furnished in support thereof before the 14th of June, 1853; and no land or other scrip or certificate entitling parties to purchase land, issued prior to the said date, not presented and established in the office of the said Commissioner before the 1st of January, 1862, shall be recognized or redeemed.
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 19.