T-9 - Lands and Forests Act

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103. (Replaced).
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 105; 1986, c. 108, s. 237.
103. The Government may, upon the recommendation of the Minister, set aside certain tracts of the lands of the Crown to constitute permanent forest reserves, provided that they have been duly classified as lands for forest industries, either because they are unfit for cultivation or because their maintenance in a wooded state is necessary to regulate the flow of waters or for any other reason of public interest.
The description of all tracts of land forming each permanent forest reserve shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and there shall be published in the same manner all changes in their description and all regulations put in force for their management and administration.
The Government may make regulations respecting the inventory and management of such permanent forest reserves, in whole or in part.
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 105.