T-12 - Transport Act

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4.1.1. The Minister may, by way of an order taking effect on the date of its publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec, require the persons designated by the Minister from among persons filing a first application for registration, or registered for less than 30 days and for the first time, in the register of operators or the register of owners of heavy vehicles established under the Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles (chapter P-30.3) to demonstrate to the Minister, within the time the Minister indicates, the expertise or means available to them to implement in their businesses administrative measures capable of reasonably ensuring the safety of road users on roads open to public vehicular traffic and preserving the integrity of the road network.
The Minister shall request the Commission to make an inquiry, in accordance with the Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles, if a person subject to an order has not demonstrated the required expertise or means within the prescribed time, or if the demonstration made is unsatisfactory to the Minister. Before making the request to the Commission, the Minister must invite the person to take a professional knowledge test that will allow the person’s expertise to be demonstrated objectively. The Minister may designate a person by agreement or contract to prepare and administer tests for the purposes of this section.
2000, c. 35, s. 1; 2005, c. 39, s. 52.