T-12 - Transport Act

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48.36.4. A local municipality may, by by-law, prescribe conditions regarding the possession and use of transportation tickets issued under its authority. The by-law may determine, among its provisions, those whose violation constitutes an offence entailing a fine in an amount that may be fixed or that may, depending on the circumstances, vary between a minimum and a maximum amount.
For a first offence, the fixed amount or maximum amount may not exceed $500 if the offender is a natural person or $1,000 in all other cases. The amounts are doubled for a subsequent offence. The minimum amount may not be less than $25.
The by-law referred to in the first paragraph must be published in a newspaper distributed in the territory of the municipality. It comes into force on the fifteenth day following its publication or on any later date specified in the by-law.
2015, c. 16, s. 19.