T-12 - Transport Act

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48.11.2. (Repealed).
2000, c. 35, s. 2; 2015, c. 16, s. 16.
48.11.2. More particularly, the mandate of the Forum is
(1)  in keeping with the public interest as well as government agreements on public procurement, to see to the drafting of one or more model contracts pertaining to any subject agreed upon by the Forum and designed to establish the various rights and obligations of the parties as regards business transactions between a freight mover and a client; such a model contract may in particular provide for the considerations essential to the making of a contract, the terms and conditions of payment, the determination of the distance travelled and the price variations of certain products and services;
(2)  to establish effective dispute settlement processes in the general freight trucking industry within the meaning of this division;
(3)  to propose to the Minister requirements to be made applicable to estimates, contracts, bills of lading and documents binding between a freight mover and a client;
(4)  to promote compliance by industry stakeholders with the agreements referred to in paragraph 1 and, where applicable, with the requirements ordered by the Government under paragraph n of section 5;
(5)  to express its opinion on issues of concern to industry stakeholders which it takes up or which are referred to it by the Minister; and
(6)  to establish a strategic plan, to be adjusted annually, setting out the objectives pursued, priorities established and results expected by the Forum, and including, in respect of the industry stakeholders, development projections over three years.
2000, c. 35, s. 2.