T-12 - Transport Act

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65. (Repealed).
1972, c. 55, s. 66; 1975, c. 45, s. 21; 1981, c. 7, s. 551.
65. Any person who wishes to appeal from a decision of the Commission must apply for leave therefor to a judge of the Transport Tribunal by a motion served upon the interested parties and filed in the office of the Tribunal within fifteen days after that of the publication of the decision or a summary of such decision in the Gazette officielle du Québec.
The appellant must also serve such motion upon the administrator of the Commission who shall forthwith send the record of the inquiry and a list of the opposants or intervenants to the Tribunal and a copy of the record of the inquiry to each party and to the Minister or his representative.
Such motion shall set out the reasons for which the appeal is applied for and shall be accompanied by a notice of the place, hour and date of its presentation, which shall not be later than the fifth day following the expiry of the delay contemplated in the first paragraph; the hearing must commence forthwith.
The judge shall render his decision upon such motion within five days after the end of the hearing on the motion.
If the judge who has heard the motion does not render his decision within the prescribed delay, the chairman of the Transport Tribunal shall order a new inquiry.
The decision of the judge to grant leave to appeal shall suspend execution of the decision appealed from unless he orders its provisional execution in cases of special urgency.
1972, c. 55, s. 66; 1975, c. 45, s. 21.