T-11.011 - Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act

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49. At the request of a person who is required to effect a registration in the registry of lobbyists, the Lobbyists Commissioner may order that some or all of the information contained in the return that must be filed for registration purposes be kept confidential if the information relates to an investment project of the client or enterprise concerned the disclosure of which would likely seriously prejudice the economic or financial interest of the client or enterprise.
Unless the Commissioner extends the order at the request of the interested person for the period determined by the Commissioner, the decision of the Commissioner shall cease to have effect at the expiry of six months from the filing of the return concerned in the registry of lobbyists. The Commissioner shall send a notice of the decision to the Lobbyists Registrar.
An extension of the order may be renewed, with the necessary modifications, in accordance with the provisions of this section.
2002, c. 23, s. 49.