S-6.01 - Act respecting transportation services by taxi

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84. The Commission may enter into any administrative agreement necessary for the purposes of this Act with any minister or body.
The Commission may enter into an administrative agreement with the Minister of Justice to allow the Commission, on the terms and conditions provided for in the agreement, to act in the capacity of mandatary to recover the fines covered by the agreement.
Following an agreement with any other minister or body, the Commission may, in particular, accept a mandate to collect the information required for the registration of a person who is subject to a special obligation enforceable by that authority, and to collect the related fees and charges.
The Commission may, with the approval of the Minister and subject to the conditions it establishes, appoint and authorize persons to collect on its behalf the sums referred to in this section and to make any transaction it indicates relating to the application of this Act, and may determine the amount and method of compensation of the persons appointed.
2001, c. 15, s. 84.