S-6.01 - Act respecting transportation services by taxi

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71.1. A peace officer or an employee authorized for that purpose by a municipal or supramunicipal authority entrusted with the administration of this Act who has reasonable grounds to believe that a person is contravening paragraph 2 of section 117 shall immediately suspend, on behalf of the Société, for a period of seven days,
(1)  the licence referred to in section 61 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C‑24.2) that the person holds; or
(2)  if the person does not hold such a licence, the person’s right to obtain one.
The suspension period is increased to 30 days for a second offence and 90 days for a subsequent offence in the case of a person who was convicted of an offence under paragraph 2 of section 117 during the 10 years before the suspension.
2016, c. 222016, c. 22, s. 26.