S-6.01 - Act respecting transportation services by taxi

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22. Any practice whereby a taxi driver transfers to a holder of a taxi owner’s permit the ownership of an automobile which is intended to be attached to the permit of that taxi owner, and where he or she enters with that same person into a contract by which the driver becomes the operator of the automobile under a leasing contract, or obtains custody of it through a contract of employment is contrary to the public interest.
The assignment or transfer of a taxi owner’s permit is not contrary to the public interest, if the automobile attached to the permit is excluded from the transaction and if the assignee, transferee or hypothecary creditor declares the substituted automobile to the Commission.
Even if no notice is given, the Commission may, of its own motion or at the request of the Minister or any interested person, make an inquiry to determine whether a connection described in the first paragraph exists between a holder of a taxi owner’s permit and a taxi driver.
2001, c. 15, s. 22.