S-6.01 - Act respecting transportation services by taxi

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137. The legal persons recognized by the Commission as taxi leagues and listed in the schedule to this Act are hereby dissolved.
The legal personality of a dissolved legal person subsists for the purposes of the liquidation. Accordingly, a liquidator designated under section 138 has all the necessary powers to perform, on behalf of the dissolved legal person, all acts of administration the liquidator considers expedient until the closing of the liquidation.
Each member of the board of directors of a legal person referred to in the first paragraph is presumed to be personally liable for the acts, commitments and disbursements of the legal person under the member’s administration done or made on or after 15 November 2000 if the act, commitment or disbursement is not part of the ordinary course of the legal person’s business and was done or made with the member’s consent.
Sections 49 to 59 of the Act respecting transportation by taxi (chapter T-11.1) shall be repealed on 21 June 2001.
2001, c. 15, s. 137.