S-6.01 - Act respecting transportation services by taxi

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103. Every holder of a taxi owner’s permit is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of $700 to $2,100 who
(1)  operates an automobile or entrusts to a driver the custody or operation of an automobile that is not the automobile attached to the taxi owner’s permit or that does not meet the requirements prescribed under this Act as regards the automobile;
(2)  being informed of a notice of defect issued by a vehicle manufacturer pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Statutes of Canada, 1993, chapter 16), fails to immediately ensure that the necessary measures are taken to correct the defect as indicated by the manufacturer or that the automobile is repaired or modified in such a way that the defect no longer exists; or
(3)  allows the operation of an automobile attached to the permit after observing or being notified by a driver that the automobile has a major defect that has not been repaired.
2001, c. 15, s. 103.